Four-cylinder turbocharged Type BDT unit, with aluminium alloy cylinder block and cylinder head. Twin overhead camshafts, belt-driven from nose of crankshaft, and four valves per cylinder. Five crankshaft main bearings. Ford/Bosch fuel injection, allied to turbocharging, with EEC IV electronic engine management system.
Engine mounted behind the passenger compartment, installed at an angle of 23 degrees to the right of vertical, and 6.0in./152.4 mm to the left of the car's longitudinal centre line.

(Cylinder bore, stroke and cubic capacity)

86.0 mm x 77.62 mm, 1,803.5 c.c. (3.385 x 3.06 in ., 110.0 cu. in.)

Compression Ratio

8.2 1 (geometric)


Ford/Bosch fuel injection, allied to electronic engine management system, with Ford EEC IV control.
Fuel grade required: 96 Octane (Super)
Supply by electric fuel pumps.


Garrett AiResearch T31/TO4E, feeding pressurised air through air-to-air intercooler. Maximum boost 0.75 Bar (11.0 psi),

Ignition System

Ford EEC IV microprocessor electronic engine management system.
12 volt Ford EEC IV ignition coil.
Motorcraft HG2 (Resistive) sparking plugs, with 0.025 in. gap. For sustained high speed usage use 461 plugs.


By 'dry sump' installation, with separate oil reservoir mounted above and behind engine, on chassis cross-member. Capacity 10 litres (17.6 Imperial pints).

Cooling System

Water (with permanent 50/50 per cent anti-freeze additive mixture), engine driven pump, and thermostat. Cooling radiator at front of car, with thermostatically controlled, electrically driven, cooling fan.

Maximum engine speed

7,400 rpm

Maximum power

(DIN) PS                                         187 (250)
at revs/min                                     6,500-7,000

Maximum torque

mkg (Ib.ft.)                                       29.8.0 (215)
at revs/min                                     4,000-5,000


RS200 SECTION 01-3