The FORD RS200 has been specially designed by our engineers, not only to be a very fast, stable, and safe road car, but also to form the advanced basis for preparation as a Group B competition car Compared with all other FORD passenger cars, therefore, it has a unique mechanical layout and body style, though some standard FORD components have been included in the specification.
The RS200 is the first FORD passenger car to combine:
    A mid-mounted turbocharged engine.
    A two-seater sports coupe body style.
    High-technology composite material chassis and body sections.
Specification details of the RS200 are as follows:


Two-seater fixed-roof sports coupe model, with engine mounted behind the seats Unit-construction chassis/passenger cabin structure, in a combination of aluminium honeycomb sandwich, carbon fibre composite, and steel Integral tubular roll cage, and additional tubular space-frame sub-assemblies, front and rear, to increase rigidity, provide suspension attachments, and to carry ancillary equipment 1.8-litre, all-alloy, four-cylinder, D.O.H.C.16-valve turbocharged engine, with clutch attached, driving forward to front-mounted transaxle assembly containing the five-speed gearbox, and the four-wheel-drive mechanism Choice of rear-wheel drive or four-wheel-drive, driver-controlled from the driving seat Cars are delivered with the transmission fixed in four-wheel-drive.
Hinged advanced composite material body sections at front and rear.
All independent suspension, rack-and-pinion steering (left-hand or right-hand steering position), and disc brakes at front and rear Complete mechanical, trim, instrumentation, comfort and safety equipment


RS200 SECTION 01-2