How to benefit from the Customer Assurance
Whenever possible please take your car to the Dealer from whom it was purchased If it is difficult or impracticable for you to do so you may contact any other Authorised FORD Dealer who will assist or advise you in the same way When your vehicle is still operational and safe to drive it is recommended that you arrange an appointment with the FORD Dealer by telephone to avoid having to be without it for a longer time than absolutely necessary You should have all services carried out in accordance with the FORD Service Plan and recorded in the Vehicle Service Record to ensure full protection under the customer Assurance The advantages of having your servicing carried out only by Authorised FORD dealers are explained elsewhere in this booklet

When arriving at the Dealer your 'Owner Certificate', which you will find inside the front cover of this booklet, will introduce you to the Service Department For this reason it is advisable always to keep this document in your car

The International Assurance
The Customer Assurance is not restricted to the country in which your vehicle was bought Throughout Western Europe there are Authorised Dealers in FORD vehicles who will honour the Customer Assurance A comprehensive list can be obtained from your Dealer on request Normally, the Customer Assurance will be provided by the Dealer who sold you your vehicle Should you, however, be travelling outside Western Europe, any Authorsied FORD Dealer can undertake emergency type repairs on request To obtain emergency service under the FORD Customer Assurance you should present your service voucher book to the Dealer. Very occasionally, circumstances may make it necessary for you to meet the cost of such service When this happens, retain all invoices, and, if possible, displaced parts, for discussion with your own Dealer on your return home He will raise the matter with FORD and obtain any reimbursement to which you may be entitled