We are delighted that you have chosen this limited-production, high-performance, FORD car, and we hope it will provide you with a great deal of fast, but safe, motoring.
The RS200 was designed, not only as a very advanced four-wheel-drive road car, but as a machine to form the basis of a truly competitive Group B rally car. Although some existing FORD parts have been used in the design, the general concept and layout is a no-compromise solution to the needs of drivers in this highly sophisticated class of motoring.
In particular, the RS200 is the first-ever FORD car to be sold with a mid-mounted engine, and a two-seater coupe body style with four wheel drive.
To provide for the owner's needs, to enjoy, maintain, and service such a sophisticated car, we are also providing a unique type of Owner's Manual. In addition to the normal information, regarding equipment, function, technical data, and maintenance, for the RS200 we also provide advice on the recommended driving techniques for a four-wheel-drive car, much more owner information than usual on major servicing requirements, and advice on the way to prepare the car for use in competitions.
There is also a complete list of components, with FORD part numbers, of the standard road car.

Because we are anxious to keep in touch with all the original owners, and with those who purchase the car from a previous owner as well, we invite you to complete the Owner's Registration Form which follows this introduction, and return it to us for our records. From time to time, we plan to issue further bulletins about the future development and improvement of the RS200s.
Great care has been taken to ensure that your FORD RS200 complies with the regulations which apply to its use on the road, or in competitions. Should adjustments be required to the car, about which you or your mechanics are not sure, the necessary advice is available from:

Ford Motor Company Limited,
Motorsport Parts Division,
Arisdale Avenue,
South Ockendon,
England. RM155TJ
Telephone: 0708-858310
Telex: 897007

- this will enable you to optimise the settings, and provide maximum performance, roadholding, stability
and security for any purpose.
Ford Rallye Sport dealers are at your disposal, to service the car properly, and expertly.

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